Breeding of Kiwi in Pukekura Park

W.W. Smith bred kiwi in Pukekura Park

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W.W.Smith (1852-1942), who was Curator of Pukekura Park from 1908-1920, was also a leading naturalist of his time. Smith commenced duty as Curator of Pukekura Park on 23 March 1908 (Taranaki Herald 4/7/1908, p.2). He recorded much later, in 1923, that “Thirty years ago, when residing at Ashburton, I began some experiments with a pair of living kiwis received from the Nelson district. Owing to my leaving the district later, for two years, my experiments were abandoned, and the birds were sent to the Christchurch Gardens. On coming to reside in New Plymouth, fifteen years ago, I resumed and conducted a series of experiments with kiwis in captivity, extending over eleven years” (The Young Citizen).

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Breeding of Kiwi in Pukekura Park


Hatchery Lawn

Scientific name:

Apteryx mantelli

Common name:

Brown Kiwi

Maori name:


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