Bent kauri

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Excerpt from “The Notable Trees of New Plymouth”, 2002

Author: Cory Smith, Editor: George Fuller

Based on a review of S.W. (Bob) Burstall’s Mensuration Report # 19, 1973.

Notable Tree 6+
"Bent kauri" p31

Agathis australis.
Kauri Grove


+"A kauri that was bent" is located on the left-hand side of the Racecourse Walk, 24 m above the junction
with the Fernery Lawn path (Fig. 17). This healthy tree was almost toppled by a rogue branch of a nearby
giant Cupressus macrocarpa spinning out of control during felling, 1965. The trunk has almost corrected the
resulting deflection. There is a large wound 1.5 m from ground level, which was probably caused by the tray
of a truck, not the macrocarpa.
4.2.02: Height = 25.1 m; spread =5.9 m; dbh = 71 cm.


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Bent kauri

Creator or author:Cory Smith