The Notable Trees Of New Plymouth, 2002

This study by Cory Smith (finishing in 2002) reviewed historic and notable trees recorded in New Plymouth city by S.W. Burstall, (during 1969 and 1973) and updated the tree status and history.  It is important to note here that Burstall's notes have not been altered except for the addition of more widely used common names, and imperial measurements have been converted to metric.  George Fuller was the editor of the review.   

In addition to Burstall's work, this study now contains records maked to show:

~ Recordings by G. Fuller, (1973 and 1982).

* Recordings by S. Medbury, (1984 and 86).

+ Recordings by C. Smith and G. Fuller, (2001 - 2006).

 Ref: Burstall S. W., 1973. Historic and Notable Trees of New Zealand; Taranaki, Wanganui and Rangitikei - Central North Island.  Report # 19. Forest Research Institute. 

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