Kauri on Cannon Hill

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Excerpt from “The Notable Trees of New Plymouth”, 2002

Author: Cory Smith, Editor: George Fuller

Based on a review of S.W. (Bob) Burstall’s Mensuration Report # 19, 1973.

Notable Tree 6+
"Cannon Hill" p30

Agathis australis.
Kauri Grove


+A commemorative kauri is positioned 9.3 m from the golden macrocarpa tree at the summit of Cannon Hill,
Hatchery Lawn side, Pukekura Park. Planted on the 29th May 1976 by D.F.C Saxton and A. Brodie for the
centennial celebrations of Pukekura Park. This is a struggling tree on a very hungry site due to poor soil and
intense root competition. Note the slow start. When the tree was recorded a co-dominant leader was
removed and the presence of cones was noted.
1.9.01: Height = 6.7 m; dbh = 10.2 cm.

(*Medbury, 1986: Ht = 2.1 m; dbh = 2.5 cm).


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