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How to link items and topics together in Kete, to create webs of related material

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  All linking is done from a Topic; you can link to another Topic, or to any Item type. Before you link anything, it's a good idea to Browse the Site and change Show to 50 results on this page.

 Link a Topic to a Related Existing Topic

Once you have written your Topic you can link it to existing Topics and Items, forming webs of related material. At the bottom of each Topic page, you will find a Related Items section.

Click on Link Existing and a pop up window will appear with a search box. Enter a keyword or two and a list of Topics that match your search will appear. Select them by clicking on the white box to the left. As each one is linked it will disappear from the list and be replaced with the message "Topic Linked Succesfully". When you have finished close the window.

If you are unsure whether a topic is related or not you can go to the click on the topic's title, and it will open in a separate window. Close the window when you are finished by clicking the red cross in the top right corner.

Link a Topic to Existing Items

Kete has been seeded with many images, plus hundreds of pages of typed material our volunteers have prepared. These can also be linked to Topics by clicking on Link Existing. A pop up window will appear with a search box. Click first on Image under the 'Add a:' section. Enter a keyword in the search box, click Search and a list of Images that match your search will appear. Select them by clicking on the white box to the left, then click Add. The Images will then get linked and when finished the message "Successfully added item relationships" will appear at top. You will need to Close the window unless you wish to remove a relationship.

Creating Weblinks in Description Fields

Tags: Tags are keywords that become weblinks once you save the Topic or Item you add them to. Enter as many different keywords or search terms as you think may be useful, and feel free to add them to other Items and Topics. 

Text Editor : The description field when creating Topics and Items is very powerful, and includes the ability to make text or images weblinks to other Items or Topics. Select the text, or click on the image that you want to be the weblink and then select the chain icon from the top row of the toolbar immediately above the description field. Enter the destination for the weblink into the url field and save. Its that easy! 


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