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Recreation Grounds 1880s.
Title / object name  Mount Egmont from Recreation Ground New Plymouth Maker   Date   Burton Brothers   1880 s   Materials  silver, printing-out paper, albumen Dimensions 210 (Height) x 142 (Length) 384 (Height) x 340
The Poet's Bridge c1910.
 'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 35-R902'
Suratura Balloon Carnival 24/11/1910.
Puke Ariki collection PHO2009-327. Not to be re-used without prior permission from Puke Ariki.
Little Shags.
Immature Little Shags at Fountain Lake. For the definitive identification of NZ Shags, read the paper by R. A. Falla,  Tuatara: Volume 2, Issue 3, September 1949.  Identification of
Metrosideros perforata.
The white flowers of Metrosideros perforata seen when flowering in mid January 2013, by the Main Lake. The name "perforata" describes the array of oil glands on the underside of the leaves,