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Giant Pinus radiata.
This giant Pinus radiata is one of several huge trees found on the ridge running from the Park entrance at Kaimata Street down into List's Garden. This is one of
List's Garden Parataniwha.
Parataniwha Elatostema rugosum provides an interesting shade-loving ground cover along the Maranaui stream in List's Garden. Here is a mixture of the  usual pinkish form as well as the green
Zoo animals walk in List's Garden.
The animals from Brooklands Zoo enjoy a walk - and nibble the grass - in List's Garden
Camellia japonica 'Triumphans.
Camellia japonica 'Triumphans'
Flowers of Metrosideros elegans.
Metrosideros elegans (Carpolepis elegans is a synonym) Numerous flower buds 23/2/2011  (flowering May – I couldn’t see any flowers on the tree on 26/6).