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60 Springs will provide opportunities that inspire young people to develop innovative solutions towards a sustainable Taranaki. 

60 Springs has the themes of sustainability, education and creativity. The intention of the programme is to accelerate progress in Taranaki towards becoming a sustainable region of New Zealand. The programme is administered by Puke Ariki Education and funded in partnership with Shell Exploration New Zealand Ltd and the Taranaki Regional Council. 60 Springs is also supported by New Plymouth District Council and Environmental Monitoring and Action Project (EMAP).

Investigations into Pukekura Park through the 60 Springs programme began in 2008 and continued into 2009 with Devon Intermediate School.  This partnership has been highly successful with a number of awards being received by students involved . The relationship will continue with Pukekura Park in 2010 with a wider focus on innovative digital projects, studies into the hydrology of the park and investigations into sustainability issues. Schools that are planned to work in the park in 2010 include Highlands Intermediate School, New Plymouth Boys High School, Sacred Heart Girls' College and New Plymouth Girls High School.

The kete is a place where comment and contribution are encouraged. Students enrolled in 60 Springs can enter data about wildlife and water quality. If you have educational resources or data about the Park please contact the kete administrator.   

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Educational Resources for Pukekura Park

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