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Holm Oak Suckering from Stump.
Colour print showing Holm Oak suckering from a stump ’Suckering from stump of Quercus ilex 13/8/85 4’
Holm Oak displaying Re-growth.
Colour print showing a Holm Oak with re-growth ’Re-growth from de-limbing of Quercus ilex. Pukekura Park. 13/8//85 3’
Puriri Regrowth after Delimbing.
Colour print showing Puriri regrowth ’Puriri re-growth from delimbing. Pukekura Park. 13/8/85 5’
Puriri Regrowth with Height Marker.
Colour print showing regrowth of a Puriri with height marker ’Puriri (Vitex lucens) regrowth from stump G. Fuller 5/6/86 17’
Multi-trunked Himalayan Evergreen Dogwood.
Colour print showing a multi-trunked Himalayan Evergreen Dogwood with height marker ’Cornus capitata. 15 Trunks. Pukekura Park. 13/8/85 6’