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Cutting of fallen Eucalyptus trunk.
Colour print Man cutting fallen tree with chainsaw ’Nev. Day cutting up Eucalyptus trunk List St. entrance Brooklands Park 23/6/88 G. Fuller’
Spreading Oak Tree.
Kodachrome SlideShowing a large Oak ’Spreading OakBrooklands Park06/04/1970G.Fuller’
Decay on Torrey Pine.
Kodachrome slide showing decay on a Torrey Pine from a previous lightening strike ’ Pinus torreyana. Decay from lightening strikePukekura Park16/09/2003G.Fuller’
Torrey Pine with Lightening Damage_2.
Two Kodachrome slides showing lightening damage to a Torrey Pine ’Track of a lightening strike on Pinus torreyana absorbed and dissipated by land11/02/1994G.Fuller’
Kohekohe Tree - Dead.
Two Kodachrome slides showing a dead Kohekohe ’ Dysoxylum spectibile Brooklands Park G.Fuller