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The correspondence and documentation collected by the Friends of Pukekura Park relating to the proposed access road from the Racecourse to the Bowl of Brooklands. Please register with the site to join in a discussion on this topic (discussion at bottom of page).

The New Plymouth District Council resolved at a meeting on 29th June 2009 to realign and reinforce the existing entrance to the Bowl of Brooklands, if practical, "Option3". The archives related to this topic follow the progress of the debate and public outcry following the initial Council decision on 9th June 2009 to cut a new road.

10th June 2009:

The creation of the new access road (Option One) from the racecourse to the Bowl of Brooklands will result in the destruction of an area of native forest, which will affect the unique atmosphere of the Park and Bowl, and will severely impact upon the trees allowed to remain.

The Friends have been in contact with the NPDC regarding this matter since December 2008, when the President was informed that the pegs for the new road could be seen in the area near the existing access road. The Pukekura Park Management Plan (a statutory document) should have been followed from the outset. Given the importance of the native forest and waterways to the Park, a coherent development plan for  the Park and environs should, and could, have been initiated at the earliest stage of racecourse developments which affect the neighbour, Pukekura Park. See our initial concerns presented in a written submission to NPDC, 5th March 2009. Read the text of the oral submission to the Council, and the illustrated submission, presented on 9th June 2009.

The Friends believe that the existing access road from the racecourse could be improved and realigned to meet the new situation, but the NPDC Council resolved by a majority on Tuesday 9th June 2009 to approve the proposed road 'Option One'. They perceived that a delay for community consultation and the planning of mitigation may jeopardise events at the Bowl if a route could not be built quickly. The health of the most significant tree in the area, a giant puriri, is likely to be compromised, and the character of the area destroyed.

See the details about our collection of related documents, images and radio interviews in the panel below.

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Racecourse to Bowl new access road proposed


Racecourse to Bowl access road

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